June 2020
Hello Students,

Okay friends, 2 more weeks of school left. KEEP the virtual learning going. KEEP the daily reading for 20-30 minutes happening. KEEP doing your work and showing your teacher. I'm so PROUD of you students who kept up with the work during these last 3 months. KEEP Zooming because I love to see y'alls faces. 

I also put some useful learning links (websites), but might be the same ones the classroom teacher has on her web page. There is an ESOL Help Board with some easier work or other choices and also anchor charts to help you with your work. Also, send the work to your teacher.

Take some time to go outside daily, play in your yard, go for walks (if the weather and/or your parents permission). Try not to be indoors so much.

If something comes up and you or your parents need assistance (help), you can email me or contact your classroom teacher.


Take care, miss y'all 
Mrs. Shupe

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